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 - Fundraising has provided internet services to fans of the Collingwood Football Club for the past twenty years.
    These services include:
    • web hosting for unofficial Collingwood fan sites
    • forum facilities
    • dedicated chat (irc) servers running channels for Collingwood fans only
    • free domain and web hosting for official Collingwood supporter/interest groups
    • email facilities for supporter groups based on the domain name or the domain name of the group

    All these services are provided free of charge to the end users. also hosts the incredibly successful 'Nick's Collingwood Page', the oldest, continuously running AFL web site on the net, and its associated forum, the famous 'Nick's Bulletin Board'. Nick's Collingwood Page and Nick's Bulletin Board are managed and run by the community they serve. They both have (independant) management committees made up of users of the facilities and the bulletin board is moderated by its users.

All this costs money. Nick's Collingwood Page and Bulletin Board alone upload 40-80 gbs of data into the net every month (depending on the time of the year and the team's on-field success rate) and occupy 5gb of disc space, expensive stuff on the internet. Our only source of income is through donations by the user community.

Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted in any of the following ways:
  • Credit card (through Paypal - you don't need to be a Paypal member) -
  • Direct deposit to:
      Bank: Westpac
      BSB: 037608
      Account Number: 125812

    Please include "your username - donation" in the Description / Reference box so that we know why we are receiving your donation and can acknowledge it.

Thank you

Mike Wilson
Magpies Net

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